The Beautiful Game

It's not over until it is

The Beautiful Game
Gerald Takwara keeps his eye balls trained on the mark as Zimbabwe took on Senegal

The Beautiful Game.

It's not over until the fat lady sings.A cliche maybe,but true nonetheless.The Warriors went through the marshes and then fell into an abyss.Gone,never to be seen.What remained were stories of how Petros Mhari had thwarted Mane and Senegal for a whole 93 minutes.Tales of Takwara being stoic in defence and Kangwa being industrious in midfield dominated the aftermath of the fall.

There is no beautiful loss folks.No rewards,just mirages of what could have been.
Zimbabwe fell to a late penalty in Cameroon.Mane holding his nerve to send Mhari the wrong way.Caf responded by giving the man of the match award to the wrong man.

Knowledge Musona perhaps missing Gaucho was a pale shadow of the smiling assassin.The Prince starved of supply was the sacrificial lamb at the  breather.There was no heart beat just two passes from Bhenyu and a single turn in posession,nothing else.
Kadewere all inches no girth.The beautiful game is not always so,imagine being Madzongwe flinging yourself  like that thinking you are a knight only to be the villain of the night.

A gallant performance,a losing one.Mapeza played his cards only that Senegal had one up their arms.

Fortune Favours The Brave