Egodini and A Broken People

Dream sought never recieved

Egodini and A Broken People
An artist's impression of the Egodini Mall

Egodini Mall And A Broken People.

A graveyard.The death of livelihoods.Death of thought.A dream sold,bought and never delivered.Many moons later only eerie silence reigns at a place that fed thousands of families.The bustling activity replaced with emptiness.

How did we reach these alarming levels of tolerance?We do not raise eyebrows at anything.We trudge on,blind to the torture,oblivious of the pain.We are a people that have been beaten into acceptance.

It is just one more of those promises by the powers that be.The Zambezi water project,the Gwai,Shangaan project.When the majority is meek then accountability will always be a stranger.Lies will then be offered as plans.No one will question,we live on.As we have lived before,only imagining what could have been.

Fortune Favours The Brave 

By CaptainRT