Jephter (Jeff) Gumbo born in 1984 is 2nd born in a family of 3. He is an entrepreneur and at heart a musician. He is fueled by his love for God and more importantly uses music as a tool to cheer, praise, heal and educate the children of the Lord.

He was raised by his grandmother in the rural areas after his parents went their separate ways at the tender age of 12 years. He grew up under unfavorable conditions and new to the harsh rural settings but true to his nature he overcame.

He eventually finished his high school and took up a mechanical and engineering course. It was during his high school years that his passion for music began to slowly become a passion of his. So much so that his grandmother encouraged this.

With many great skills and his background to back it up. He ventured into the business of farming (both livestock and crops). That need and urgency to pursue a career in music kept nagging him.

As God always has his ways of aligning everything and knows the plans he has for us. A friend asked Jeff if he was ready to share his message with the world. In no time phone calls were made and Jeff found himself in studio recording his debut single "Abafaneleyo" . His journey to music led him to come into contact with Award winning musician and Coach Bekezela ,who has played a key role in holding his hand as a new musician.

For Jeff this song soon became a fulfilled prophecy. God has been preparing him for this new experience. His desire through this single is that people are reminded of God's love and that they are worthy of his grace, mercy and ever abiding love.

 "Abafaneleyo" was officially launched on the 10th of October 2021 on all online digital platforms.