In the advent times of a global pandemic Covid 19 and despite the prevalent reluctance to invest or support the Arts in Zimbabwe, Bulawayo in particular...A young and extremely talented female Artist is wrestling the odds and getting nods in the entertainment sector through her captivating music. Her art cannot be overshadowed or suppressed by the negatives of the world as she is shining with ease, a pure gem, a diamond in the rough with her talent glittering underneath the layer of undesired current occurrences. 

She is Mandie Mae, real name Nomagugu Nkomo...yet another spitfire groomed from Zimbabwe's Arts incubator Bulawayo. Although it is geographically the second largest City, Bulawayo is undeniably the Capital of the Arts. A City that has over a century of its existence produced a number of Internationally acclaimed individual Artists and groups. 

Mandie Mae's rising star threatens to eclipse and hog the limelight from Bulawayo's pack of Talent and once again put the City on the international stage, an enduring accreditation of the City of Kings. 

Mandie Mae started pursuing her career in Music in 2018 and has since released songs that have enjoyed much airplay, Mashup Di Place being her first song. Her latest hit single 99% is making remarkable waves on digital platforms. 

When asked about the unique title of the song, Zimbabwe's only female Afro Dance hall Artist said " 99% talks about my musical journey. I am almost where I want to be, I can see and smell my music destiny but there's still some ground to cover and looking back from where I came from and looking towards where I am headed, there is still a missing percentage, a percentage I am relentlessly pursuing right now". 

In her song 99% she features another hot music prospect Acquillah K, a female vocalist from the City of Kings. Unleashing a deadly combination which is a match made in Bulawayo. 

Mandie Mae is working towards her first music EP called  WHAT DID I SAY, a five track music EP. 

"I was supposed to drop the EP on the 1st of April but due to the Lock down which was effected to flatten the curve of  Covid 19 and reduce the risk of the rapid spread of the virus I had to push the release date a bit and I am yet to set a new release date" said Mandie.

Inspired by the Jamaican culture and their music Prodigy who scooped a Grammy award not so long ago, Mandie Mae has set her sights on the bar raised by her idol, a feat that will seem like an impossibly high hall to climb but the old adage says " Those crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who actually do". Her ambition is to walk that stage with an incredible story tailor made from the dusty streets of Pumula South.

Mandie has expressed a strong desire to work with Nutty O as she believes he is currently at his prime and it will help her and challenge her to meet her magnum opus and make an everlasting musical foot print in the sands of time.