The 5th edition of the Bulawayo Arts Awards held on the 6th of November 2021 brought with it all the resplendence we have come to expect from this prestigious event. The creative sector was ablaze as the city stepped out in style to celebrate the abundance of talent it boasts. The standard of artistry showcased cements the premise that Bulawayo is indeed the creative hub of our great country. 
Ekasi magazine has been instrumental in profiling unsung artists and creatives, providing publicity for community initiatives, and championing Bulawayo as a regional stronghold in the Arts industry.
The magazine has had the privilege of being the mouth piece for a wide array of local talent and prides itself on being the voice of the underrepresented. Ekasi magazine started as a dream on a piece of paper. With a dedicated team, hard work and great fortitude, an inspired idea morphed into the household name that you see today.
At Ekasi, the voice of the people comes first and we aim to take that vision to greater heights: home-grown talent from our doorsteps to the world. Our mission is to contribute to the global village and to let it be known that Bulawayo has a reservoir of untapped talent just waiting to be discovered. 
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers of the Bulawayo Arts Awards for continuing to give creatives a space to shine, with a special mention to Roil for its continued support of the Bulawayo Arts industry, Citizen Bulletin for sponsoring our category of Outstanding Online Media, everybody who has supported Ekasi magazine right from its conception to its established position on the Arts scene, the artists and contributors without whom we would not exist and last but not least our formidable team at Ekasi including each and every individual who has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to collectively bring about our success. We have come so far and yet this is only the beginning. 
It is with great honour that we accept the award for 2021 BAA Outstanding Online Media.
Ekasi Magazine… Aluta continua

Editor in Chief

Nonhlanhla Mkandla