From Filabusi To The World

From Filabusi To The World
Jaycee Rapaddict

From Filabusi To The World(The Story of Jay Cee)

We tend to identify  individuals through nationality, colour and creed but there is one thing that separates the people of Filabusi from all of us, it's their pride in identifying with where they come from and nothing beats their rallying statement "u Godlwayo omnyama, umahlaba ayithwale". These words have been popularized over the years by different people from Filabusi but Jay Cee has taken it a notch higher and placed it right in the heart of the biggest African and international music platforms namely Channel O and MTV.

His hit single uGesi which is doing rounds in many digital platforms starts with him saying ezako Godlwayo, we didn't have to second guess that and immediately placed his origins in Filabusi.

Born Sindiso Moyo in Filabusi, Matabeleland South, Jaycee had to move down South under painful circumstances when he lost both parents and his sister at an tender age. This forced him to establish his base in Pretoria where he attended his secondary studies, he continued to pursue his Music dream and released a mixtape called TNT with his song Push with the Pretoria band outfit called Jika Boys giving him the much desired breakthrough. A master in the Ndebele and Tswana languages, his songs have the dictates of both languages.

His major break through came when he was signed to Kalawa Jazzmine records in 2015 which is partly owned by Oscar Mdlongwa, Oskido of Zimbabwean ancestry. Kalawa Jazzmine records lived up to its billing as the University of music, Jaycee took many lessons from the industry's very best on how to manage one's craft and conduct themselves publicly. Something that he needed the most when his spell with the Record label ended.

Jaycee has worked with various internationally acclaimed suoer stars such as A Reece, Mtee and with one of South Africa’s most decorated producers Miss Pru, the lady behind Ambitiouz entertainment's hit songs with various artists such as Mtee, Sjava and recently black Diamond.

Jaycee currently has three music awards to his name which he scooped at HOFA 16 in Pretoria, inclusive of hip hop artist of the year and has featured a host of established and upcoming artists in his recent solo projects including DJ Call me, Madlela Skhobokhobo, Makhadzi and Pretoria's golden boy Futuristic. 

When quizzed by Ekasi Magazine on his secret to success he said "Talent alone will not take you anywhere without hard work, determination and discipline."

Jaycee plans to open a recording studio in Filabusi and establish an Arts school, this comes after the struggles he encountered in Filabusi as an Artist, A place where a few people are concerned about anything apart from mining in the gold rich town, where most don't pursue their studies further and gets swollen in the violent and complicated mining activities. "You have odds stacked against you to succeed as an Artist in Filabusi" he said.

It is his hope that one day, a kid from Filabusi will dream of making it big in the Arts industry through activities and development that he intends to implement in his home town of Filabusi.