Thokozani Archie Nyoni

There is nothing more excellent than using your flaws as a foundation on which to build up from. In testimony;  Thokozani Archie Nyoni has risen from habitual procrastination to launching a book   against the habit. 

Thokozani Archie Nyoni officially became an author;  through the launch of his first book entitled 'If I had'. The book launch was held at Mimosa House on the 2nd of October. The book was authored with the intention of helping individuals to fight off procrastination which is the major source of mediocrity in the society. 
"I am  a victim of procrastination and i know I'm not unique to that. Hence; this inspired me to look into the excuses we make as Zimbabweans. I saw the need to inspire other people in my situation. I utilized the first lockdown period to write the book" Thokozani revealed to the Ekasi Magazine team. 

"I don't come from a rich family. I come from a family of hardworkers. I was born in Gwanda in 1997 and  raised in Bulawayo. My parents worked in different areas. This saw me attending many schools at primary level. We were not rich enough to afford our own house. Therefore moving from school to school exposed me to different kids from various backgrounds. I wonder how my life would have been if I had  rich parents. I can safely say that has been my excuse all along. I had chosen to believe that I'm not who I want to be because I have no rich parents to empower me. Today however;  like Obama I chose to believe that excuses are signs of incompetence used to build bridges to nowhere and monuments to nothingness." he added. 

The famous comedian Carl Joshua Ncube virtually graced the occasion as the guest of honour. In his speech Ncube said, " We often wish we were in another country;  region or continent. However; we tend to forget that our world goes round every 24 hours. Hence; everyday we are at some point positioned exactly where America is, Canada or any other place in the world. Therefore there are no excuses for procrastinating."