Raining or not, we can rely on her soothing voice on any day. She's definitely one of the outstanding female vocalists in the land. Although she has been around for a while now; she has recaptured the attention of music lovers through her recently released single, 'Raining' .

We have come to know her as Ashleigh Love and today we are telling her story.She was born and raised in the City of Kings and Queens as Ashleigh Manyakaidze. She is a former student of Petra High School. Moreover, she holds a Higher National Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality. Music is her God given gift which chose her at a very tender age. For as long as she can remember, she has always been in love with music.'I sang a bit when I was in high school. After high school I joined a church singing group. I then became a professional backing vocalist. I evolved into a lead vocalist in bands before advancing to solo projects.'

She is currently the lead vocalist for the Image Music jazz band. As a solo artist, her first project was an EP entitled 'Birth of Love' , a few years ago. She has also worked on a few singles with artists like MJ Sings and Vinnie King. The latest single, 'Raining' is about a very familiar subject; heartbreak. She worked on the track 6 months ago with Black Orient. 'He produced an amazing track and I just jumped onto it. It kept going and here we are' , Ashleigh comments. Ralph Eliezer also contributed to the track. After a long battle , the visuals of the song were done too.

A lot of times she felt like giving up on music. However, she came to the realisation that she never asked for the voice. It was generously given to her by God. Thus, she had to use it. In the long run, she has learnt that art; with the right amount of time and money invested, can translate from a hobby to a career. Determination and patience come in handy at such times. As she grows, she prioritizes peace whilst expressing herself through her music.

She believes this would promote her inner peace whilst positively impacting the next person. This could help someone to get out of a dark space or to know that they aren't alone. If today was her last day, Ashleigh says she would spend it with her family and her dog eating good food in a serene environment.Raining is available for streaming across all digital platforms