Let’s Get Warm: Winter Fashion Tips

Let’s Get Warm: Winter Fashion Tips
Kimberley Richard
Let’s Get Warm: Winter Fashion Tips
Let’s Get Warm: Winter Fashion Tips
Let’s Get Warm: Winter Fashion Tips
Let’s Get Warm: Winter Fashion Tips
Let’s Get Warm: Winter Fashion Tips
Let’s Get Warm: Winter Fashion Tips
Let’s Get Warm: Winter Fashion Tips

Chilly weather is upon us. Everyone just wants to curl up in a blanket with a cup of steaming hot coffee in hand and watch movies all day. Pity we can’t hibernate like bears and go outside when it’s warm and sunny again. Alas we have jobs and school to get to…argh what an utter nightmare! Winter is easily the worst season for many people. Especially in the fashion department. Everyone will be walking around looking like humpty dumpty with a hundred layers of T-shirts and jerseys just trying to keep warm. When it’s a choice between looking good and feeling warm fashion gets thrown out the window fast. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to sacrifice one or the other. Here are a few tips for staying warm while looking cool as a cucumber this winter

Layer Up...The Right Way

Give those tshirts a rest, you’re only stretching them out! Layering should be done more astutely so that the overall look will be cohesive and bomb. A quick rule of the thumb is going for three layers maximum. The first layer can be a long sleeve body hugging top, stay away from loose fits because they’ll let the cold air in …plus they tend to get lumpy when you add other items on top. The second layer should be a warm material such as wool or fleece. This will give your body the insulation it needs to stay cozy all day. It can be a poloneck, a pullover, a sweater etc. The third layer acts as a wind break. Think trenchcoats, melton coats, fur and puffy jackets. This will provide a cover, keeping the warmth in and the cold out. When layering choose colors that go well together. We love how Kimberley Richard has layered her outfit in complimentary colors to achieve a clean look.


Get A Long Coat

This sounds like an obvious tip, until you rummage through your wardrobe and realize that you actually don’t have a single long coat! We largely have our sunny weather to blame for this. Two thirds of the year is all sunshine and daisies for our region so we hardly ever think about “umnqando/chando” until it’s actually cold. Then we try to create a makeshift wardrobe from our summer jackets. Avoid this common pitfall by investing in a trusty long coat, preferably in a color that blends in well with your other outfits. Think brown, black, grey, navy or tan. Go for a high quality one, it’ll take you through several winters. If you can’t afford to buy a brand new one don’t shy away from the thrift store. But be wary of old coats with lint, remember the goal is to look good so always go for high quality coats even koKhothama. Long coats look great with everything from jeans to dresses and suits. Just throw them over and you’re good to go. Taffie lynn has paired her long cream coat with a matching dress for a classy monochromatic finish which looks quite dreamy wouldn’t you say?

Choose Warm Fabrics

Some fabrics are specifically designed to keep us warm and snug, like wool, melton, fleece, tweed. Look out for such materials when shopping for winter wear. Loose fabrics such as chiffon and polycotton will have you feeling cold even with a coat on so save them for summer and spring. Warm fabrics are a must have in any functional winter wardrobe. You don’t necessarily need to know the names of fabrics just use your sense of touch, winter ones are generally softer and quite heavy.

Go for Cute Accessories

Before you get tempted to buy ear muffs and ghastly puffy gloves remember this; accessories can make or break an outfit. If your intention is to look good this winter consider buying stylish accessories. Think cute beanies, fashionable scarfs and eye catching gloves.We have Braydan over here looking like a full meal in this neutral sport luxe ensemble paired with an edgy black beanie 

Invest In Trusty Neutrals

Neutral colors are perfect for winter because they can be worn over and over interchangeably. It is also quite easy to look stylish with minimal effort. Winter clothing tends to look frumpy because of heavy fabrics coupled with layering. Neutral colors are an amazing antidote for that. Sibongiseni Ndlovu is a goddess of neutrals. Here she pairs creams from head to toe, giving Bellisimo vibes. Her second look is a pairing of browns which blends in magically with her melanin skin.

Don't Shy Away From Color

Winter fashion doesn’t have to look dull and grim. Spice things up and reach for vibrant colors like orange, green, cerise pink or splashes of yellow. Don’t be afraid to mix and match , color blocking is back! Bright colors lift your mood and when done right they can make a serious fashion statement. Nonni Moyo is killing it with a green on yellow fit. And how cool is this look on Zaddy? We’re green with envy.

Put Your Open Shoes Away

Sandals are a fashion faux pas in winter. Yes a few people rock them well with socks, but unless you want to risk catching pneumonia steer clear. Reach for boots and sneakers instead. Loafers are another great way to look good while keeping your toes warm. For office wear, keep it clean with closed toe shoes and stockings (yeye, amapulling socks). For gents, happy socks are a funky addition, but if you’re in the corporate world strive to wear socks that match your pants for less contrast.

And there you have it folks, some essential tips that’ll make this your most fashionable winter yet. Let’s keep our bodies warm and our style sizzling hot!

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