Zimbabwean Afro-reggae songstress Mandie Mae is back with a new single entitled Love Me For Me. Produced by Collin Beats with post production by McBird Entertainment, her latest effort pomises to be her most vibrant to date.For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mandie Mae, she is the quintessential artist. A quadruple threat, she is a singer, dancer, song writer and choreographer. To crown it all, she is also an acconplished entrepreneur.Mae is no stranger to success and is a two time BAA award nominee, five time PRACA nominee, and STAR FM top 20 entrant. This new single threatens to follow in the path of greatness she has carved for herself.Love me for me is a song many of us can relate to. It talks about the daily battles we fight against ourselves; not being able to accept yourself for who you are. She sends a clear message. " For other people to love you for who you truly are, you should love yourself and embrace it".Bulawayo artists including Preyung K Martin and Collin beats contributed backing vocals, writing, and production credits amping up the track giving it its distinctive energy. Love me for me is set to be a definite banger.Love me for me will be available to stream exclusively on YouTube and SoundCloud.