Msiz'kay live on stage

For most of us, every weekday is a struggle for survival. Weekend is all we've got to live on. In fact, it is not necessarily the weekend, it's just a few hours of the weekend. There is nothing more calming than winding down to good music and a cheerful crowd. What could soothe my soul better than partaking in the first episode of Msiz'kay's Let's Go Clubbing series last Saturday night? Indeed, nothing else could beat the sight of Pub Lagondola immortalized by the beat, lyric and a dance to the rhythm.

The talented Dj Freeza warmed up the stage with his Afro-pop-Amapiano mix, setting the house on fire and activating the weekend mood. He was to later on open up the floor for the lunatic CTL, whose performance did not disappoint the expectant audience.

As charming as all his songs were, Gusheshe stole the hearts of many as they kept on begging for a replay. Upon his departure, Ras stepped up with more fire. His was an impressive performance filled with humorous lyrics that got everyone in stitches and for a moment forgetting about their troubles. Moreover, he managed to take the audience back in time while he sang the hitsong Zanka leli.

Then came the catchy performance of The Shoemaker whose freestyle was outstanding. He did a great job, keeping the audience bright-eyed whilst awaiting for that night's grand performance. Msiz'kay carried hyper energy that night. Together with the Geek Twins, he made sure to keep the fire burning on the dance floor. To them that missed out, be sure not to join in on the coming episodes of the Lets Go Clubbing series.