First it was you and then my conscience , what else am I going to lose ?
You were the coffee that mesmerized my heart with warmth .
Just like broken pieces of a mirror reflecting pain ,
You left my heart throbbing in dust of sorrow .
Surrounded by darkness and overwhelmed by shame ,
You are the feast of  my painful memories and sorrow .

A life of loneliness filled with pain and nothing to gain ,
You were the sculpture that filled the last piece of my future ,
The words " I love you " , from you; used to make my nose grow a little smaller.
You used to fit in my heart like a "fish - hook "into an eye .
Just like a chattered flight my feelings were always directed to you .
They say love is like a Parliament ,
But in my heart there was no opposition ,
You were the sole speaker of my heart .
But you still revolted and resigned as a member of my heart.

The color of ink on a page after saying our "I do" and signing our marriage certificate,
I always thought of your verdant smile which always made the sun insecure.
The light which used to dance off from your teeth while holding my hand ,
And how my black - pounded chest always beat faster to the sound of your voice.
You were my forever  but in your calendar I was your temporary .
Even though you aren't wearing it , I can tell that you are married .
Every morning I see your face and imagine of a place where we talked and smiled,
Maybe I was never your best cut above the rest ,
All I wanted was to make you my golden hill and  treasure you for the rest of my life.

~Keith Ndlovu