Born Prince Qhubani Mpofu and known by his stage name Fab G. Raised in the high density surburb of Old Magwegwe in Bulawayo is one of the high rising music sensations from the City of Kings. His unique contemporary sound resonates more with his audience because of the song lyrics which are mostly in two dominant languages of the country, Ndebele and Shona. 

Fab G started his musical journey at a very tender age while attending Magwegwe primary school.
 "I have never looked back ever since i decided  to pursue music full time in 2014" he said.
He has released quite a number of singles in the past with a number of them enjoying airwaves in the local radio stations.Of note, his songs Amafufu and Dzimba Dze Mbabwe have enjoyed the position number one and six respectively in the Khulumani FM hip hop top 20 charts.

Quizzed on why he chose the name FAB G Umtshana kagogo, the hip hop artist explained that his name means Fly Art by Gemini, Gemini paying homage to his Zodiac star and Umtshana kaGogo is a tribute to his grandmother who means the whole world to him as she raised and mentored him to be the fine young man he is today. "Everything i am today or i aspire to be is owed to my grandmother, she is behind my strong command of the Ndebele language and instilled the principles of uBuntu in me” he explained.
His music is heavily influenced by his observations of what transpires in the society, he is a social commentator in his own right.

"I grew up listening to the likes of Zola, Shwi No Mthekhala and Nathi among other artists with a penchant for story telling and raising social awareness" said the star.

As his stock rises FAB G has expressed his desire to work with Winky D, Sjava, Amanda black, Takura,Amara Brown, LeeMchoney, MJ sings and all the artists with an interest to be part of his grand musical story.

"My Message to the Ekasi youths is, sometimes life is about chasing a dream that no one else sees but you.
Dont let your background or environment limit you. Work through the challenges of life and bring your dreams to reality. It’s going to be a long hurtful journey but you’ve got to  improvise ,adapt and overcome, be self driven and be passionate. Have discipline ,dream big and do your best. Pray about it then let God do the rest" said Fab G.

Fab G is currently working towards his first studio album called Isibane. The album is a love story with each song playing a chapter of the story. The album will pioneer a new sound called Umthobanhliziyo tribal, a brain child of the music sensation from Ekasi.