Ronald Stone's song cover

I still have a vivid memory of my first encounter with Ronald Stone on this platform. What stuck with me is how he got his Stone name. I will quote him again, ''I am outspoken and straight to the point when I speak. More often than not, that comes off as cold. Hence my cousin nicknamed me 'Stone' for stone cold." In my observations i have delighted myself in unfolding the mystery of Ronald Stone the hopeless romantic.  His romantic series started with Uthando Kuwe, moving to Ngijabule and now it has transposed to Ngiz'thandela  wena. In today's society, where bubblegum relationships dominate; Stone's role as an advocate of true love is deeply appreciated.  

Ronald Stone's latest single, Ngiz'thandela wena was recorded and produced by MAK9 Media. In our conversation about the song; this is what the producer had to say, "We know these days mjolo is a pandemic and love has now been painted as ugly. Nonetheless, we still want to remind people how beautiful love is by taking them back to when they first met their sweethearts. How it felt to love someone and being loved back. Never mind the hustles of love". 
On a similar note, Ronald Stone described his latest offering as a continuation of his last two singles. 'Uthando kuwe speaks of the time you ask her out, seeking for her love. Ngijabule is about that season when you start to appreciate her. Ngiz'thandela Wena is to remind your lover how much you love them. It's a dedication to anyone in a relationship. There is need to keep on reminding them how you chose them and still love them.'  
Lastly, Stone shared with me the news! This was a wrap up of his singles release and he is set to release his album pretty soon. We will be on the look out for as Ronald Stone takes through the journey of love.