Vez’ ithanga Season Essentials

Vez’ ithanga Season Essentials

As we step into warmer weather and tuck those winter coats away a feeling of anticipation sweeps over. It’s vez’ithanga season! Boys and girls get to strut around in shorts and skirts…it’s literally the favorite season for most. But before we get too carried away let’s take a look at some tips for getting your fashion looks just right this season. Here’s a compilation of essentials that’ll keep jaws dropped without breaking your bank!

Comfy Denim Shorts 
The temptation to load up on shorts of all colors and patterns can be strong. Resist it. Patterns are hard to match up, so are florals. You’ll find yourself stuck with a bunch of clothes you don’t actually wear.
Denim shorts are the way to go. If you have a good eye the thrift market is a great place to find affordable high quality shorts, some boutiques carry amazing ones too. Two or three pairs at most should get you through. You can literally pair them with anything from tank tops, vintage tees, silk blouses, crop tops to summer shirts.

High waist denims are great if you want to accentuate your curves or if you have rolls you want to hide(don’t we all?!). They will give you that clean form fitting look. Low cut denims are great for girls with slim waists. Don’t forget the comfy part. Always make sure your shorts fit comfortably. You don’t want to be sweating and getting thigh bruises from friction in this heat. Mom shorts are having a moment,get them in blue or a faded black.We recommend buying one size up for a more relaxed, comfy fit.

Linen Dress
When it comes to breathability , linen is the best fabric out there. Air slides in and out  of linen giving you that cooling effect all day long. So if you’re going to buy dresses this season make sure one of them is in linen. And don’t fall for the tricks of retailers that market other fabrics as “linen”, check the inner tag. If you can’t find a good linen 100% cotton is the next best thing. Cotton is light weight,creases less and it’s easier on your pocket too.Look for light colors such as white, cream or buttermilk as they generally absorb less heat. If you love the minimalist look this will definitely be your go to dress;pair it with sandals or wedges and you’re good to go

Floral dress
Nothing better to symbolize spring and summer than wearing flowers right? Floral dresses are soft and feminine. You’ll feel and look like a pretty flower. Choose floral prints that suit your complexion. If you have yellow undertones mustard or red florals will pop. On the other hand skin with red undertones looks amazing in pink or blue florals. 

If you’re going for a breathtaking look avoid mid length dresses as they generally give one an ordinary “I’m going to the grocery store “ look. Long flowy florals are all the rage right now and rightly so. Who doesn’t want to look like a floating angel draped in flowers? Get one with a subtle thigh high slit for a dash of sass.On the other end of the spectrum floral minis give a fresh faced sweet girl aesthetic. And since it’s vezithanga season you can be bold and get yourself a little number. Don’t forget to moisturize your legs…nothing kills a good mini dress outfit like ashy thighs! Whatever length or color you opt for, florals are great for picnics, brunch, lunch dates and small functions like baby showers.

The Bodycon dress
If you’re looking to add a little sauce to your spring/summer collection don’t leave out the bodycon dress. It’s super flattering and it adds instant pizzazz. God blessed African women with curvy bodies…bodycon dresses literally celebrate that. Don’t go too short on this one because stretchy bodycons tend to ride up when you walk. Keep it classy and show just enough skin without shifting the focus from your amazing outfit. Choose non-see through material with good tailoring, it will look better and last longer. 

A plus on bodycon dresses is the fact that they go effortlessly from daytime to nighttime wear. Have an ice cream date? Pair your dress with sneakers. Girls night out? Rock it with heels. You can’t go wrong here. You’ll probably need to be diligent with those situps and crunches though because unlike sundresses, bodycons show everything so umkhaba must fall!

Plain White Tee
I love a printed t-shirt as much as the next person, but if you’re building up your spring/summer wardrobe a plain tee is a must. Unlike printed tees a plain one is easy to wear over and over without looking like you’re wearing the same clothes everyday.   Depending on your body type and preference you can go for a round neck or v-neck . I recommend buying a round neck in light cotton, it looks more chic.You can wear it with shorts, long pants,skirts, slip dresses or under a pinafore. The options are limitless.

Mini Skirt
There’s a mini skirt for everyone out there. You just have to find the right shape for you. Minis are great because they increase air circulation and yes, they simply look cute. Our favorites for this season are A-line and pastel minis especially ones that come with a slit or two! The perfect length shows just enough leg without running the risk of exposing your underwear. You don’t want any fashion faux pas. Again, moisturize moisturize!

Swim Suit
There’s a popular notion that black people are afraid of water (and we totally are)…but that won’t stop us from flexing in a cute bikini, no sir!

There’s absolutely no reason why you should be rocking tights and a tshirt at the beach on a baecation . Then there are those hard heads that wear long jeans to the pool, only to later try pulling them up to the ankles when it’s time to dip their feet in the water for a picture…liyazazi. Come on ladies we’re better than this. 

Invest in a good swim suit. There’s no rule against stocking up on swimwear. And there are so many styles and colors to choose from. Rock a bikini set if you’re feeling spicy. If you’re going for a more modest look, a one piece swimsuit will do just fine. Get a matching cover up and you’ll look like a bag o’ money!

These will protect you from the sun’s harmful rays while giving you a fresh edgy look. Sunglasses can elevate any outfit. The fun part is you don’t even actually have to put them on. You can literally just  place them on your head and they’ll take your look from 0 to 100. The trick with sunglasses is to choose a pair that suits your face shape and size. Just because you saw your favorite influencer rocking oversized glasses doesn’t mean you should run to the store and buy yourself the same pair. Try a couple of different types on and check yourself in the mirror. If they overshadow everything on your face they’re too big. If they make you look like a character from a Sci-fi movie they’re too small. The perfect pair should enhance your overall look. 

Cute Sandals
Shoes can make or break an outfit. Sandals are an awesome go to for any vezithanga outfit. They look good with shorts, they look amazing with mini dresses. Gold sandals add a touch of glam, nude colors such as brown and taupe elongate your legs while black ones are amazing if you need a pair that will blend in with all your outfits.Sandals will give you that relaxed, not trying too hard look. There’s no such thing as “I have ugly feet”… a pedicure will fix that. Don’t miss out on letting your feet breathe while looking good this season. Steer clear of plastic sandals if you can…they get sticky when it’s hot and you just never know when they’ll fall apart and embarrass you on these streets!

These are just a few of the wardrobe tweaks you can make to give yourself the best vezithanga season ever. While you’re at it don’t forget to smile and walk with confidence…confidence literally has the power to elevate whichever outfit you choose to rock!