Ekasi we always game

Ekasi we always game

In the end it was not tidy but it was enough to ignite our neighbourhoods,recently plunged into long periods of darkness by stage 2 of the load shedding.We do not flinch when challenged,In the streets of Makokoba,Mzilikazi and Nketa we throw as much weight as is tossed towards our way.The Sunday of 16 June had us on a edge,oozing with confidence yet wary of the possibility of misfortune.IBosso was playing host to Dembare in what could be termed kasi meets the ghetto.

Ekasi we hoped and prayed for one outcome,the triumph of Tshilamoya.We feed on the excitement and life that a Highlanders victory always induces in the otherwise heavy spirits of our people.

Emagumeni was packed,not to the brim but perfectly so.Befitting is it not that one of our own illuminated the match from the onset,the pint sized Ray  Lunga,casting rays of life in the midfield,mesmerising the opposition with every touch.He delighted the multitudes in the stands.

Ironic isn't it that the one who plunged the dagger into the hearts of the famed 7 million was a ghetto yut as they would say.Former Dynamos winger Cleopas Kapupurika got the goal that sent all Kasi into frenzied celebrations.It gave us the bragging rights and sent the message that we are always game.Bosso walked away with a one nill victory and even as the Head coach Madinda Ndlovu saluted the crowd in what looked suspiciously like a farewell,We were content.

Fortune favours the brave

By CaptainRT