What's not to love about Acquillah K?

What's not to love about Acquillah K?
Aqcullah K

What's not to love about Acquillah K?

Whilst the talented beauty with brains has presented herself to the world as Acquillah K; the world has as chosen to call her Purple after her 'purple night' hit song of 2019. As we all know, purple is the colour of royalty. Therefore I'll be absolutely correct to say the world has crowned Acquillah K as the Queen of hits. Follow me as I reveal every bit of Acquillah K's interesting life.  

Born and bred in Bulawayo, Acquillah K has led an ordinary childhood life in a family of 3. Her talents of singing and writing songs remained hidden from her until after high school. However, today music is more than a hobby to her, it is her life. Everything she sees and does is somehow linked to her music. She has a way of getting her personal life and environment to contribute to her music career.     

For instance, because she is a wife and a mother of one; she ensured to feature her baby Ryan in her latest rnb-electro dance video.

She's a master of Afro-pop, Rhythm and Blues and Electro Dance Music. She started off in 2019 with her first EP that included 'Purple night' from where she obtained her nickname. Her second EP is titled 'my Dreams and Fantasies'. The EP has 'Forget You' and 'Lobola'. 'Lobola' is topping FM charts off late.

Acquillah K has described herself as flexible to try anything that would leave a mark in her career. The beauty with the brains is a Sociology student at the Lupane State University. 


She has found pleasure in working with Poly Da Nqo, Mandie Mae and Noluntu J on collaborations . They have managed to create nothing but hits together.

She's is currently working with Collin and Poly Da Nqo. Their amazingly free-spirited nature allow her to express herself comfortably on the mic.

In the near future Acquillah K intends to work with Mzoe 7, Tammy Moyo and Winky D.