Tell you what, he's been around for a while now.  He's rapped with the fallen and the living hip-hop legends of our time. He's reigned supreme on the FM charts.  He's represented Zim on Channel O and YFM, so we can safely say that Rockie DoUb is no stranger to us.

Born Warren Nigel Moyo; Rockie DoUb is a rapper and writer from Bulawayo.  He set on the art of rap at the age of 16 in a hip-hop group called Killswitch. Back then, he was known as Roc Rizzle. 

Rockie DoUb 

After a long underground stint, Rockie resurfaced as a massive independent brand. It is then that he released Gold Standards, his first EP in 2017. The project featured K Brizzy, Cal_Vin, Frost and Teecy.  It was succeeded by a video of his single Saucing which featured Fraelee.   His big break came with his song 90s which topped the Skyzmetro FM charts for 18 good weeks and earned him a nomination for best hip-hop song at that year’s Skyzmetro FM Music Awards. 

In August 2018 he released Yafi; an EP which featured K Brizzy, Silolamkhonto and Frost, arguably his best project to date. 
 The project paved way for his first studio album entitled Lingo.  From that album, Life of the Party earned him the best Hip-hop nomination for 2019. Lingo is basically about the language of the streets hence the title. The sound is generally urban rap mixed with a few Afro pop jams to complete the artistic masterpiece. It was produced by Larynx of Certified Music Records. It is the successful product of JTweny8, Phanas, The Dawg and Viper Beetz. It boasts appearances by Asaph, Vic Jita, The Dawg, CMK, Chiedza Mapani, Real Shona, Tedd, Easy TRT and Indigo saint.

In January 2020 he released the hits song Monate Fela which topped ZiFM's Fixx for 7 weeks.  Monate Fela made a grand appearance on Channel O and South Africa's YFM thereby earning Rockie a nomination for the Best Newcomer and Best Collaboration in the Zim Hip-hop awards. He's the current brand ambassador for App A Combo. His latest offering for 2021 is My Shine and it is set to feature on his latest Studio Album EMoyo.