Thorne Laroq: The Hip Hop Scientist

Thorne Laroq: The Hip Hop Scientist
Thorne Laroq

Hip Hop embodies poetry, artistry, resilience and determination, many have come and many have gone but the genre itself has stood the test of time. Challenging the status quo and being a conduit for many societal elements, Hip Hop is the streets. Raw and uncut from its inception in the Bronx in New York to Makokoba, Bulawayo and every African ghetto, today in Zimbabwe, if you throw a stone in a crowded place you are likely to hit a Hip Hop artist or a Hip Hop head.

It has transcended generations, it has survived censorship and completely obliterated global boundaries and transcribed itself to every single language in the world.Many have rhymed their way into idolatry and others have been conferred the legendary status in their own right.

 Through Hip Hop culture, many millionaires and billionaires have sprouted through this revolutionary genre to establish Hip Hop as a world dominant music force.If there is one thing that determines success in the game it will be longevity coupled with relevance. Like any other genre, Hip Hop has fused many styles and forms.

Every generation has it's own pioneers and those who can't keep up are obliterated into the past and those who are resistant to change find their Hip Hop mettle questioned.In Bulawayo, Zimbabwe we have one man who has defied the odds, who has stood the  test of time and has numerous accolades to show for it: our very own Hip Hop Guru Thorne. From winning Hip Hop competitions in the 90s to dominating charts in the new millennium, many have come through his Hip Hop promotional prowess, he has created household names and further confirmed his status as the Don of Hip Hop in Bulawayo. A Hip Hop scientist in his own right with his Rap Lab at Khulumani FM, a station where he has been an independent producer for three solid years, many have been cooked in his lab and thrown into the public domain.

His recent appointment as Head of Operations at the Zim Hip Hop Awards proves that Thorne is a Hip Hop Guru who has earned his stripes over the years. We wouldn't have had the pleasure to jam to some of the greatest hits he has been a part of it wasn't for his hunger and determination to create a platform from which scores of Hip Hop elements could emerge.Thorne is a  larger than life character and a worthy custodian of the culture. The Hip Hop awards are in safe hands and can only improve from here onwards with the years of invaluable experience and vast expertise he will undoubtedly bring to the table.