We dream from there


Kasi vibes I feel the kasi vibes, illuminating the streets Like the scent of tenderized braai meat. They capture the attention; even soldiers can’t stand at attention. Indeed they make kasi life so sweet, as we dance to the beat.

Roaming through the township streets, perpetual melodies one always meets. A place called home so sweet, with songs that always get me on my feet. And thank God my dance shoes always fit, Music too lit to keep you on your seat.

The slow house jam will sway you left to right, Like an exorcism Kasi rap will shake you, Not to mention the Ancient Kwaito, this will give you a new motto. Amathrompies ,omapansula, eish khokhovula. A little touch of Reggae, A call for Jah to stop the saga. Coupled by heavy Dancehall, for those who dance till nightfall. Top on the list is the royal Gqom, just to keep you in form. The traditional Kwasakwasa odade beyitshisa Thuso Phala itshaywa bedlali parapara. Check them ladies do that Walk yepara bethi ‘Nay’ le walk. How about the energetic ones by that corner doing the Gwaragwara?

The beautiful sight of the older folks taking us to the not-so heydays with their Manyisa and Twalatsa. The young blood however prefer the modern day Vosho, Which they dance so well for sure. And yet the more daring ones even Idibala. I don’t only feel the kasi vibe, I love it. Infact, I don’t only love it, I live it. And I can break a jaw of anyone who tries to make me leave it.Believe it.

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